Bitcoin will always be backed up

According to the data provided by Ethernodes, the current number of active nodes in the Ethereum blockchain exceeds 11,000. These nodes are distributed on six continents, which shows the geographic diversity of the Ethereum network. In 2018, the miner rewards of the Ethereum network were quite stable, about 620,000 ETH per month, the highest value was 640,000 in January, and the lowest vBitcoin will always be backed upalue was 520,000 in February (Figure.

The security analysis of the Pietrzak scheme assumes that participants can easily generate an unknown order group that satisfies low-order assumptions. As we will see below, none of the currently known groups can meet these restrictions, ensuring that no one party can overturn the VDF agreement.

And the more important point is that a question was raised before, is there more coins that can be borrowed in this market, or more money derived? Especially after the increase in the defi mortgage leverage market this year, think about it, now that 10,000 btc has a market value of more than 200 million, it is basically possible to lend more than 100 million US dollars on many platforms:

In the traditional primary market, the formal fund will organize several rounds of due diligence before investing in a project, conduct due diligence on the business, business model, and financial situation of the project, and at the same time evaluate the industry prospects and policy orientation, and make formal investment decisions Before, supplement feedback on various issues back and forth. Even for angels in the early stages of investment, they have to have tea and chat with the project founder. Without any business data, investment is investment, and the process of chatting with the founder is also a kind of due diligence.

On May 7, Binance, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, was also hacked. At that time, 7,000 bitcoins (equivalent to 40 million US dollars) were stolen. In addition, Binance said that hackers have obtained the user's API key, two-factor authentication codes (two-factor authentication codes) and other possible additional user information.

Wang Yuehua, a partner of Deding Innovation Fund, told a reporter from the International Finance News that the Bitcoin halving on the one hand makes mining more difficult, on the other hand, the incentive halving wiBitcoin will always be backed upll directly affect miners. The biggest cost of miners is electricity. Under the circumstance of the same cost, the reduction of revenue (under the circumstance of the same bitcoin price) means that some miners must sell more bitcoins in the market to pay for the cost, which causes the market to bear greater selling pressure.

Bitfinex shareholder Zhao Dong gave his own interpretation. He believes that this is Bitfinex's recognition that stablecoins are not stable, which is a huge improvement. In Zhao Dong's view, even the power of the whole country cannot guarantee the stability of a legal tender.