Build a Bitcoin miner

The prerequisite for EOS's success is ecology. How successful EOS can be depends on how perfect the EOS ecosystem is; and the EOS ecosystem depends on the EOS community to further develop and grow. The EOS Alliance cooperates with the official BlockOne and the global EOS community to popularize and promote EBuild a Bitcoin minerOS in various online and offline forms, introduce high-quality DAPP applications, and strive for EOS to become the foundation of the next-generation public chain;

For non-AMP payments, the payment hash is the same for all nodes on the payment route. If multiple nodes cooperate to know that they have routed the same payment based on this common hash value, then this will allow multiple nodes. Although this can also be done using the timestamp of each route payment.

EOSIO also includes a related function, namely online actions (inlineactions). As part of the current transaction, this feature allows one contract to call the code of another contract. Unlike the notification function, online actions are limited to allocating contract resources.

Q4: We are about to usher in a rainy season. It can be said that the rainy season is an important annual gold nugget battle for miners. What impact do you think the rainy season will have on miners and the entire industry? Do you expect this rainy season? What kind of machines will the mines focus on in the future? How much computing power will the entire wet period bring and what kind of help will it benefit?

The FSA is currently strengthening its regulations on certified dealers. Masashi Nakajima of Rize University in Japan participated in the FSA research team. He pointed out that most users do not know that Coineck is unlicensed. I am requesting the establishment of a clear mechanism to show that those cryptocurrency exchanges have not yet obtained licenses, for example directly on the exchange’s website.

I am not leaving (Ethereum). I will not stop or reduce the number of updates to blog posts, research reports and github tasks. When Vitalik is in charge, people will say that Ethereum is centralized! Build a Bitcoin minerWhen Vitalik no longer plays an important role, some people will say that Vitalik will leave like BM! Bitcoin totalitarians have no credibility!

The core developers of SIA are currently considering the proposal of community member FaustianAGI and will issue an official response soon. Up to now, all Nebulous (the company hired core developers of sia) and Obelisk employees are supporters of this fork.